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How To Avoid Buying Scam Land or Government-Committed Land in Epe or Lagos State Generally

Even If You Don’t Have The Money To Employ The Services of a Lawyer

Real Estate is one of the most guaranteed way to create wealth

However you need two important things if you don’t want to ever regret investing in Real Estate, which are

And to be sincere with you, No 2 is more important than number 1

So, what is Location and How do we identify the right or best location?

Why is documentation more important than location?

All these questions and many more will be answered in the webinar titled

“How To Avoid Buying Scam Land or Government Committed Land In Epe or Lagos State Generally Even if You Don’t Have The Money To Employ The Services of a Lawyer”

In this webinar, you will be learning the 

1) The number 1 most important factor to look out for before buying any landed property.

Once you get this factor right, even if you got everything wrong, you are still safe

2) I will show you the no fail proof method to confirm if you are buying a property from the rightful owner

3) You’ll also learn the ultimate method to confirm if a land is free from government acquisition

4) You’ll understand why long term payment plans is a trap by most Real Estate company and why you should avoid it like a plague

5) Why you should avoid buying land from omo onile directly most especially if your intention is not to start building immediately

6) The 5 Factors To Check Out to be sure you are buying a land that will be worth 10times the value now in the next few years

Don’t miss this, unless you don’t ever plan to own a landed property in Lagos state.

Several Real life stories and case studies will be shared with you that will guide you to never lose money again in your hard-earned money again

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Cost: 100,000Naira

Date: Sunday, 15th of October, 2023

Time: 9pm

However, in the light of the independence celebration, we have decided to host this batch totally for 


Meet Your Webinar Host: Timothy Moyofola

Founder and CEO, God’s Land Empire

Join us for an insightful webinar hosted by the distinguished Timothy Moyofola, the Founder and CEO of God’s Land Empire.

Timothy’s journey in entrepreneurship and real estate has been nothing short of inspiring.

Timothy holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, showcasing his strong educational foundation.

However, his thirst for knowledge and passion for real estate led him to become an alumnus of the School of Estate and Business.

Here, he immersed himself in the intricacies of Real Estate Development, Real Estate Sales, and Real Estate Investment.

What sets Timothy apart is his unwavering dedication to helping others succeed.

He firmly believes in the power of knowledge and is known for conducting numerous business training sessions.

His in-depth industry expertise has been a lifesaver for countless investors, preventing them from making costly mistakes in the real estate sector.

Join us for this exclusive webinar, where Timothy Moyofola will share his insights and expertise, guiding you toward success in the world of real estate.