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Now, there are two terms you may or may not have heard before now. They are “Excision Land Title” and “Gazette Land Title“. These words are our concern for today. If you’ve come across them before, they probably seemed a little complicated. Don’t worry. We are here to guide you through them and show you how to choose the right one for your property needs.

In the coming sections, we will address the question, “What is the difference between Excision and Gazette land title?” We will help you understand their roles, benefits and how they affect your property aspirations. By the end of this article, you will be better informed and ready to make more profitable real estate choices.

Excision and Gazette Land Titles: Their Meanings and Why They are Important

What is Excision Title?

It’s like a promise or a declaration. An excision title is a declaration by the government that it intends to allocate land. In particular. That means the government is considering releasing that land for public or private use.

Why is an Excision Land Title Important?

Excision titles play an important role in land acquisition. They represent a potential change in landscape, from government ownership to private ownership or potential for development. Having an Excision Title means you are on your way to becoming a legitimate landowner.

Gazette Land Titles, on the other hand, are your proof of ownership. They are official documents issued by the government, stating that a particular piece of land has been legally cleared and released to private ownership. In other words, it is your proof that you are the legal owner of a piece of land or property.

Why are Gazette Land Titles Important?

They bring a sense of security and trust to property ownership. Having a Gazette Title is like having a government-approved certificate stating, “This land or property is legally yours.” It is arguably the most recognized piece of document in Nigerian real estate.

So, an excision title is the government saying “Look, now we’re ready to give you this land.” After taking the necessary steps to acquire the land for yourself, the Gazette title says: “This land now belongs to Tope. The government has given it to her fully.”

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10 Key Differences Between Excision and Gazette Titles

These differences are crucial in understanding how each type of title impacts property transactions. It also helps you on your path to ownership in the vibrant Nigerian real estate market.

1. Nature of Ownership

– Excision titles: represent the possibility of future ownership but do not confer immediate legal rights.

– Gazette Land Title: for firm legal ownership, for full control of the property.

2. Legal Recognition

– Excision Title: Acknowledge that the government intends to release the land but full ownership requires additional steps.

– Gazette Land Titles: the final proof of its legal ownership, supported by official documents.

3. Certainty and Security

– Excision Title: Provides power but comes with some uncertainty until full ownership is achieved.

– Gazette Land Titles: Provide absolute trust and legal security to ensure undisputed ownership.

4. Investment Appeal

– Excision Titles: They can attract investors due to their ability to showcase value.

– Gazette land titles: highly sought after and immediately increase investment in the property.

5. Timing and Process

– Excision Titles: Represent the beginning of the property ownership process and require further actions, such as obtaining a Gazette Title.

– Gazette Land Titles: Signify the conclusion of the ownership process, with no additional steps needed.

6. Financing and Loans

– Excision Titles: May not always be accepted as collateral for loans or mortgages due to their provisional nature.

– Gazette Land Titles: Are generally accepted as strong collateral for securing loans and financing.

7. Cost and Fees

– Excision Titles: Typically involve lower initial costs, making them more accessible for prospective property owners.

– Gazette Land Titles: May require higher upfront fees, but they offer long-term legal security and investment potential.

8. Ownership Restrictions

– Excision Titles: May come with certain restrictions or limitations during the Excision process, limiting how you can use the land.

– Gazette Land Titles: Provide full ownership rights, allowing you to use the property as you see fit without restrictions.

9. Property Transfer and Resale

– Excision Titles: can be transferred or resold, but the process can be more complicated, including excision and transfer of Gazette titles.

– Gazette Land Titles: Transfer or resale is easier, as they represent clear legal ownership.

10. Market Perception

– Excision Titles: Seen as a potential asset in the real estate market, where the value is expected to increase with the availability of Gazette titles.

– Gazette Land Title: Considered an attractive asset, providing immediate market interest and high property values.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Excision Titles are like seeds of potential ownership. They indicate the government’s intention to expropriate the land. They offer the prospect of future ownership and may be attractive to investors looking to determine long-term value.
  2. Gazette land titles are the main source of legal ownership. They provide irrefutable proof of property ownership. They immediately provide trust, legal protection, and market interest.
  3. How you choose these titles depends on your specific goals. Investors can realize the power of Excision Titles, while those seeking immediate ownership and legal protection should opt for Gazette Land Titles.
  4. Excision Titles Excision may come with certain restrictions or restrictions during the procedure. The Gazette title provides unrestricted use of the property.
  5. Finally, consider timing, schedule, and financial implications when selecting between Excision and Gazette Titles.


Now you understand the difference between Excision and Gazette Land Titles. In your real estate journey, remember that both Excision and Gazette Titles have their place in regards to real estate. Which of these titles you choose depends on your specific goals. Check out our previous article on how to know the best land titles before purchasing a property.

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