If you’re looking to know how to identify if a landed property is genuine in Lagos, rest assured you’re not alone on this quest.

One of the most rewarding investment decisions you can make as a Nigerian is purchasing a landed property in a bustling metropolis like Lagos. This is evident in how fast properties in such areas appreciate. For instance, a plot of land in Lekki was sold for about 5-6 million Naira from 2017 to 2018. But now, the same plot is worth between 25 and 30 million Naira. That’s a mouthwatering leap in value and a great ROI that every profit-savvy investor would love.

However, acquiring landed properties in Lagos isn’t straightforward, and inexperienced investors can get scammed. In fact, the major concern for most people considering buying landed properties in Lagos is how to identify a genuine one.

This article discusses how to know if a landed property is genuine in Lagos and the documents you can use to confirm its authenticity.

Ways to Know if a Landed Property is Genuine in Lagos

1. Verify the Property Title

Title verification is one of the most effective ways to know if a landed property in Lagos is genuine. This is because Lagos State has an efficient land documentation system that issues titles to lands in the state, indicating the owners, location, and other important features. This helps prospective buyers know the ownership status of a landed property before making any financial commitment.

A landed property can bear one of the following titles: a certificate of occupancy (C of O), governor’s consent, excision and gazette, grant of probate, right of occupancy (R of O), registered court judgment, etc. Each title provides deep information on the property’s ownership status, the name and information of the current owner, the terms of usage of the property, and any restrictions on the property.

This information indicates how genuine a property is, and you can know by requesting to see the title documents and verifying them with the relevant government agencies. In this case, the Lagos State Land Bureau is the most relevant agency for any issues regarding landed properties.

2. Conduct a Search at the Lands Registry

Another way you can know if a landed property is genuine in Lagos is by conducting a search at the Lagos State Land Registry. Visit the land registry to verify the information you have about the property, from the ownership status to the location and specifications.  

You can also find out if there are any encumbrances or unresolved disputes on the property. This is very important because even if the ownership claims on the property are genuine, only the court can confirm them. Therefore, if you buy land with pending legal issues, you’re inheriting a legal battle that might cost you more money than you would expect.

3. Survey Plan Verification

You can also confirm the genuineness of a landed property in Lagos by verifying the survey plan of the property. All properties duly registered at the Lagos State Land Registry have survey plans that indicate their location, boundaries, size, and other essential physical features. This plan can be created by any qualified surveyor but must be approved by the Surveyor General of Lagos State.

An approved survey plan indicates that a landed property actually exists and is, therefore, genuine. However, you must take it to the appropriate authorities to ensure the description on the plan matches the property the seller has shown you.

4. Conduct a Physical Inspection

No matter how genuine a landed property appears on the documents, a physical inspection is a vital process you shouldn’t ignore. You must visit the land to physically inspect it and ensure it matches the descriptions in the documents. Any disparity between the information on the property documents and what you see in real life is a sign that something is fishy and that the land you’re about to pay for might not be genuine.

A physical inspection also lets you know if there are any disputes, encroachments, or illegal occupants on the landed property.

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5. Engage a Legal Professional

While it’s okay for you to do your due diligence and find out if a landed property is genuine, consulting a legal professional who specializes in property transactions in Lagos is ideal. Working with a legal professional who is knowledgeable about land laws and has ample experience with how they work in a place like Lagos is a plus. This is because it not only streamlines the verification process but also ensures you make a well-informed decision.

An experienced land lawyer in Lagos will help you do thorough research, check for any legal disputes, advise you on what to do, and help you make a purchase decision.

6. Consult Neighbors

This is one of the most underrated ways of knowing if a landed property is genuine in Lagos. While you’re on physical inspection, be sure to reach out to the property’s neighbors and ask them about the status of the property you’re researching.

People won’t hesitate to tell you if there are any disputes on the property. However, to be sure you have the right information, you should inquire from more than one person.

Documents You Need to Verify if a Landed Property is Genuine

You can use many documents to verify if a landed property is genuine in Lagos. Here are some of them:

  • Title documents
  • Survey plan
  • Purchase receipts
  • Deed of assignment
  • Approved building plan
  • The landowner’s valid identity documents

Ensure to get the original copies of these documents and take them to the appropriate authorities for verification.

Is the Land Genuine? – Conclusion

A landed property is genuine if it is appropriately titled, has all the relevant official documents, and is free from encumbrances and disputes. The process of verifying this information is tedious and cost-intensive, but in the end, you’ll understand it’s worth it.

When buying land, especially in places like Lagos, always be cautious and ensure you verify all relevant documents with the appropriate government agencies and legal professionals to confirm the property’s authenticity. Hopefully, this article has answered your questions on how to know if a landed property is genuine in Lagos State. 

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