Are planning to buy a new land in Lagos this year and you want to know the top questions to ask before, during and shortly after inspection? We are here to guide you.

Your real estate agent should be able to provide clarity on some issues you may have about the land you intend buying in Lagos. In this article, we show you some of the questions to ask before, during and after a land inspection has been completed. 

Asking these questions and getting the best response before, during and after land inspection will teach you how to avoid fraudulent real estate firms in Lagos.

Why Questioning is Important?

Lagos State is one viable location to buy lands in Nigeria. However, it is inundated with tales of Omoniles (land owners) who make the process tougher and costlier for the buyers.

When you ask the right questions and elicit the responses, you would be able to make an informed decision on the land you intend purchasing.

Questions to Ask Before Inspecting the Land

We present you with a list of some questions to ask even before going for the land inspection.

1. Is the Land Really “Free?”

Not all lands are free in the right sense of the word. While some are prone to government acquisitions; others are being contested in the law court by either the immediate family or community.

Therefore, find out if the land is really free of such disputes and encumbrances. Here’s an article that we’ve prepared that will guide you on how to know if a landed property is genuine or not in Lagos.

2. Where is the Land Located?

Find out from the realtor, the exact location of the land. If possible, ask for notable landmarks to help you determine the accessibility.

3. What is the Topography Like?

This question helps you to find out the physical attributes of the land. For example, it is located in a flood-prone or waterlogged area? You also want to know if the land is located on a hill or not.

Questions to Ask During Land Inspection

When on the land, here are some of the questions you must ask the realtor:

4. Is the Property Surveyed?

A survey land has a document called the survey plan. The essence of the survey is to mark-out the boundaries of the land.

5. What Documents Does the Land Have?

It is also important to enquire about the type of documents the land has. This helps you to determine the legality and ownership.

If you are looking for the best land title documents in Lagos, they include:

  • Governor’s Consent
  • Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)
  • Deed of Assignment and;
  • Excision and Gazette.

6. What is the Land’s Designation?

People buy lands for a wide range of reasons, some of which include residential and commercial. Likewise, some lands in Lagos have been designated for specific purposes. Buying one that doesn’t align with your purpose of purchase only amounts to a waste of money.

7. What is the Land Size?

You must also confirm the size of the land you want to buy. The sizes differ and you may not get the standard measurements.

Nevertheless, the goal is to understand the broad categories of the sizes:

  • Plots: if you are buying a plot of land, it should measure at least 50 by 100 feet. Also, the land is best-suited for residential building or farming purposes. You may also be able to use it for other purposes, such as building an office and a block of lock-up shops.
  • Acres: the size of the acres of land should be at least 60 by 120 feet.
  • Hectares: these can sometimes, be a bone of contention for the buyers and sellers. The general submission is that a hectare of land measures up to 10,000 square meters (sqms) and contains up to 15 plots of land.

Note: always ensure that the size of the land matches the purpose you intend to use it for – commercial or residential. 

Questions to Ask After Land Inspection

When you are done inspecting the land, asking the following questions helps you to finalize on whether to pay for it or not:

8. How Accessible is the Land?

The ease of accessing the land is a plus not only for the immediate development you want to make – but also for the future valuation.

When enquiring about the accessibility, be specific about:

  • The proximity to the major road.
  • How close it is to the city’s center.
  • The proximity to markets, financial institutions (such as banks), hospitals/clinics, and churches.

9. Can I Start Building Immediately?

If you are buying from a real estate company, be assured that most of the lands are up for instant development. However, if you are buying from the community or a family, there may be limitations as to the speed of developing the land.

Hence, asking about whether you can start building on the land immediately is very important. Besides, it also helps you find out if the location is facing or prone to any neighborhood zoning restrictions.

10. How Do I Pay for the Land?

When you get to this stage, it means that the deal is about to be completed. This question helps you understand the realtor’s preferred payment method. After land inspection in Lagos, ask your realtor for details of how they receive payment. Do not assume and send your payment to a random bank account they didn’t give you nor doesn’t tally with the company’s name.

Here are some of the additional considerations:

a. Cash vs. Transfer

It is always better to make an electronic transfer. Why? In the case where the realtor denies the transaction, you can always extract the payment receipt for reference.

b. Full Payment vs. Batch Payments

If you are unable to pay for the land at once, the realtor maybe able to work-out a payment plan for you. In that case, making batch payments and completing the same within the given timeframe is important.

c. Document all Payments

From taking a screenshot of the electronic transfers to asking for a receipt for each payment; you must always keep the evidence of payments safe. If you pay via cheques, keep the evidence too.

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Questioning your realtor before, during and after inspecting a land is a valid way to verify the authenticity of the property, be certain of the financial implications and the possible hiccups to expect.

While it may be impossible to determine whether the realtor is genuine or not, you can take a couple of steps to be on the safe side. These include buying land only from a registered real estate company like God’s Land Empire and involving a lawyer throughout the process.

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