Young Nigerians, between the ages of 25 and 40 are doing everything within their capacity to buy lands in Epe – some monthly and other quarterly. The economic importance of this investment is a motivating factor, but there are a couple of other underlining reasons.

If you’ve been having cold feet on buying a land in Epe; this is the article that cancels your objections and helps you see things the way they are.

1. Epe Offers the Chance to “Own a Piece of Lagos”

Dubbed the economic capital of Nigeria, Lagos State has moved from being a former national capital city to the economic hub of the country.

Many years ago, the futuristic-thinking Nigerians were able to “scoop” up properties in choice locations, such as Lekki and Banana Island.

In the current era, after the rapid development of Lekki Pennisula and the prospects of Ibeju-Lekki – the window of opportunity is once more open to young Nigerians. Buying lands in Epe is an opportunity to own a part of Lagos – and most importantly, the part acclaimed to usher in a New Lagos.

It is both a thing of pride and strategic investment to own a property in the city that would in the coming years; help move the needles in the nation’s economic development.

2. Lands are Still Affordable to Buy in Epe

If you were lucky to get a property in Epe, it is going to be one of the best and capital-wise investments to make. Even if you weren’t lucky to get one five years ago, you can be sure of still finding a valuable and affordable land in the area.

With a working budget of 500,000 to 1 million Naira; you should be able to own a piece of land.

The catch? Some of the real estate companies are willing to make the process easier. For example, you can take advantage of the flexible payment plan we offer – granting you the liberty to commit towards the purchase and balance up at your pace.

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3. “Land-Flipping” is Possible in Epe

If you are the type of investor that wants to buy and hold a land until it appreciates; the possibility of that in Epe is high. As experts in the field predict, the average cost of a plot of land might go as high as 4 million Naira in the next five years.

4. Young Nigerians are Going “Where the Money is”

You may think that the cheapness of lands and the future valuations are the only motivating factors for young Nigerians to invest in landed properties at Epe.

On the contrary, there are two more reasons why they are doing so – and they are all economic.

a. Epe has Tourist Attractions

Fun-lovers and tourists tend to visit locations where they get to “interact with nature.” Epe has a lot of such places – and that is one good reason to invest in lands in the area.

From the popular Epe Resort and Spa to the several beaches scattered across the area – there are numerous places to sightsee.

If you are also able to erect a structure, such as a short-let apartment; rest assured of patronage from the visitors in the area.

b. Agriculture Thrives in Epe

Agriculture is another economic reason for investing in landed properties at Epe. Known for dominating the State’s fish industry; Epe is the home to seafood, especially food.

5. Epe is Rapidly Developing

Anyone familiar with the rapid development of Lekki wouldn’t be surprised when something similar happens in Epe.

The area is projected to be “home” to some of the best developments in the State. Already, it is the home to some of the popular landmarks and institutions, such as:

  • Michael Otedola College
  • Yaba College of Technology and;
  • Augustine University

In terms of the new developments, Epe has been designated as the best place to cite the following developments in Lagos State:

  • 110-bed Mother and Child Center (MOC)
  • Lagos State Food Logistics Hub
  • Proposed New Film City
  • Located close to the proposed International Airport and;
  • Julius Berger Cashew Nut Factory.

6. Epe is Likely to Grow Based on the “Power of Proximity”

The fact that Epe is close or strategically located to some of the key infrastructural developments in Lagos State is a big plus. A good example is the commissioned Dangote Refinery; touted to be the largest in Africa. Epe is also close to the Lekki Free Trade Zone.

The proximity to these two (2) economic projects is a boost to the type of investments that would spiral down to the area when the others fully kick-off.

7. The Topography in Epe is Good

In some areas, you will end up “sand filling” the land before you are able to build on it. That is not the case with Epe, where you have a good topography, characterizing the following:

  • Dryland: this means you wouldn’t be battling with flood.
  • Affordable Building Materials: as the lands are almost 100% dry; the costs of transporting building materials, such as cement and blocks are cheaper.

8. Epe Connects You to Most Parts of Lagos

Epe is not a “rural area” per se, especially when you consider the proximity to the State’s center. With excellent road networks, you can access virtually most popular locations in Lagos, such as:

  • Well-dualized roads connecting Epe to Itokin, Ijebu Ode and Ikorodu.
  • Expanded roadways linking Eleko Junction to Epe Junction.
  • Road linking Epe to the Dangote Refinery.

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How to Make Smart Investment Decisions in Epe

As a young Nigerian looking to buy lands in Epe, we’ve got a few tips to help you make an informed decision:

a. Determine the Best Location to Buy the Lands in Epe

The ideal locations in Epe for acquiring lands all depend on what you are looking to do with the properties. If you are looking to sell, then locations with a higher ROI, good road network, excellent power supply and accessibility to the city are important.

However, if you are looking to build a residential apartment or a rental apartment; then locations with serenity, good road network, security and access to hospitals, shopping center and schools is important.

b. Factor-in the Target Audience

If you intend building on the land, the audience is important here. If students are your target audience, buy lands close to some of the higher institutions.


In conclusion, Epe is one of the best places to buy affordable lands in Lagos with higher return value. Consult a professional to put you through.

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